About Clarendon Personal Management

Clarendon Personal Management was born in 2019 and it’s name came from the fact that Leejay and Cat met whilst training at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and it’s former home was on Clarendon Road.

Our ethos is to provide a personable approach to everything that we do, and we provide personal management to a very select client base.

All agents began their careers as actors before becoming part of Clarendon Personal Management, and we pride ourselves on giving our clients the best possible advice, direction and assistance based on personal experience. We also encourage our clients to talk to each other and share their skills and experiences, cultivating camaraderie and solidarity within a changeable and uncertain industry.

Leejay opened the agency with Cat joining as an agent in August 2019. Josie joined the team in spring of 2023 as an assistant and it wasn’t long before her dedication lead her to become a junior agent. Josie also trained at Mountview and brings with her a range of experience in commercials, TV, theatre, and audio work, both as an actor an agent.

The agency is assisted by Dillon who brings a fresh perspective to the agency as he only graduated from Italia Conti in 2023.

Leejay Townsend

Head Agent/Director

Fave Film: Doctor Sleep


Aiden Hammond

Senior Agent

Fave Film: 

Dillon Buckley


Fave Film: The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Cat Gisby

Senior Agent

Fave Film: Labyrinth

Josie Hart

Junior Agent

Fave Film: The Addams Family